• 1. What is LASER?
  • 2. What is different about CO2 LASER from conventional operation?
  • 3.What are the benefits of LASER surgery for head and neck cancer?
  • 4. What head and neck cancer / disease are treated with CO2 LASER?
  • 5. Why should I choose you for my LASER surgery?

Medical LASER are special lightwaves produced by specifically constructed instrument. These are powerful and can be focused to small point. The LASER most commonly used in surgery for head and neck cancer and some other conditions is usually CO2 LASER.

CO2 LASER by itself does NOT have any special power against cancer or other disease. You should think of LASER as a precise knife with the following special properties –

1. Unlike normal knife, CO2 LASER does not cause bleeding while cutting. This leads to better visualization and more accurate operation.

2. When using CO2 LASER I generally use a microscope to look. This gives me a magnified view of the cancer and leads to more precise surgery and thus higher success.

3. CO2 LASER does not cause damage of normal surrounding tissue during surgery (unlike diathermy). This leads to less side effect and better recovery and function after the operation.

4. CO2 LASER is done through special instruments inserted through your mouth that allows me to see the back of your throat and/or your voice box. This is called Trans-oral LASER Microsurgery (TLM). Thus surgery with CO2 LASER does not involve making a cut on your neck or face and thus avoids subsequent scar.

Robotic trans-oral surgery – No Incision, No scar
Conventional open surgery – Large incision and scar on your neck and face

Because of the special qualities mentioned above, there are multiple benefits of Trans-oral LASER Microsurgery (TLM):

1. More precise surgery leads to excellent chance of curing your cancer

2. A much quicker return to daily life and early discharge from hospital

3. An overwhelming majority of patients retain normal swallow, taste and saliva function

4. Most patients do NOT need a surgical airway (tracheotomy)

5. Speech remains closer to normal

6. No need for extensive open surgery, such as cutting the jaw bone or making a cut in your neck or face to access the tumor

7. It can be repeated if cancer comes back (Radiation therapy can NOT be given again if cancer comes back)

8. Many patients can then avoid chemotherapy and radiation. This helps patients avoid possible side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

CO2 LASER is most beneficial when used for surgery of voice box and/or hypopharynx cancer.These are small regions and preservation of normal tissue not involved by cancer has a significant beneficial effect on the critical function of speech and swallowing.

However, not all cancer of voice box or hypopharynx is suitable for LASER surgery. The benefits are greatest for smaller early stage cancer in these areas.In these suitable cases, TLM is the procedure of choice as it provides the best overall cure rate and maximum preservation of normal function.

In addition, some additional disease of the voice box which are NOT cancer can benefit by LASER surgery. This includes vocal nodules, polyps or papilloma.

Due to limited expertise, not many hospitals across the world offer good quality Trans-oral LASER Microsurgery. Your cancer cure and complication from operation are heavily influenced by the expertise and skills of your surgeon. Experience and skill plays a major role in performing this operation completely. This is required as the anatomy of voice box and hypopharynx is complex and a thorough understanding of it’s3D Anatomy is essential for the surgeon to ensure complete cancer resection. At the same time, given the vital function of these areas, the surgeon needs to ensure that he does not resect surrounding normal healthy tissue.

By choosing me as your surgeon, you will be choosing someone who has extensive experience in the highest quality LASER head and neck surgery in the best centers of UK, USA and Australia. I can ensure good quality operation with minimal risk of complications. The difference is in quality. You have one body and it deserves the very best.

In addition, I can also offer high quality neck surgery if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in your neck. You can follow this link to learn more about neck dissection.


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